How do we prepare young people for jobs that don’t exist yet?

As the speed of technological advance increases and the changes get more and more intense within ever decreasing time frames, it becomes very difficult to prepare our pupils for the future working world.

Iterative technological advance is already occurring at just 12-month intervals and so it is not uncommon to enter education and graduate having learned something that has already become obsolete.

The utilisation of new technologies not only alters what is occurring within existing industries but also is creating entirely new industry sectors. As a result of this, we are looking at a world where we need to constantly re-educate ourselves to meet the ever-changing demands of the working environment.

Therefore today on #AGICHAT we ask ‘How do we prepare young people for jobs that don’t exist yet?’

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We can’t because we don’t know what those things will be. The best we can do is to teach young people how to solve complex problems and think critically.

And then just to kill some time, throw in getting some exercise and maybe include some crafts or trade skills based on personal interests. Ethics/philosophy cuz we kinda suck at that right now and it would be better if we didn’t. History from multiple perspectives.

So basically we should make school kinda what school is already supposed to be…I guess…or maybe they can just download the “school” app into their brains and be done with it.


By mind-expansion…Transforming education from indoctrination camp to truly understanding, growing, and expanding one’s consciousness. My answer to everything in the realm of education is “Genius society” haha…It seems that now we live in a time where the M.O. is to keep everyone numb and dumb. What if instead we made intelligence, creativity, maximizing potential, the hallmarks?