How do the stake sessions work? 1st days/weeks of each month?

Curious when/how the staking sessions open up and work in generation.

Converted some ETH into AGI to be ready for the next window - is it just on/around the 1st of each month and the sessions close once capacity is reached?

Thank you!

Last time I did it we used MetaMask to put the tokens on the network.
Mine never worked and nobody could figure out why so now I’m back to hodling :neutral_face:

Yikes, that’s not good… I loaded up my MM wallet and ‘connected’ it on the staking page - but nothing open right now to get into.

Do you remember the rough time frame when you tried it? Was it beginning of the month when this stuff opens up?

Yea apparently it has something to do with using metamask in the chrome browser.
Try another one it should work according to what I hear.

Hi-you may want to check out this link:
honestly, I staked my tokens for one month and now cannot seem to find out where they are…impossible to withdraw back to my wallet…mostly a big headache and waste of time and resources…not impressed, possibly a scam…

Hi- you might check out their link ie staking…but be careful, it seems to be buggy or scamm(y)…have been having lots of trouble unstaking and recovering my tokens to exchange them and find a better use for my money…so far not impressed with all their gimmicks and fancy stuff…possibly and simply a scam…