How do I buy AGI token from the USA?

Hi I live in the Texas, USA! I have been browsing exchanges back to back and I can not find a crypto exchange that supports my region. I would like to purchase these tokens but I am having the most complicated time finding how to buy it from my region in the usa.
It is like this coin is in another dimension. lol

No current exchange I have found in the usa supports Agi token.

Hey Xnprime! I live here in CA. How I was able to get AGI was to swap ETH from my MyETHWallet on my cell (Android). I had some ETH I transferred from a different wallet to MyETHWallet, but if you don’t have ETH you can simply buy it in your MyETHWallet and make the swap to AGI. If you don’t have a MyETHWallet, you can get the app from the GooglePlay store. Hope that helps!

Oh ok. Is there no way I can just buy the AGI straight out?

Not it the US! You have to swap it with ETH or other token. And the easiest way I found was to get the MyETHWallet app, send some ETH to it, then swap the ETH for AGI. Then I transferred my AGI to my account on SingularityNet for the purpose of staking. Was unable to get in to the most recent pool but hopefully I’ll figure out the process for the next upcoming pool in October 2020!

Hi. I downloaded the MEW app and could not find agi on it. that app has so many junk cryptos on it lol. to many to look through to find it. do you know where it might be on the list?

Why don’t you use Binance? It’s the trading platform I use. You can trade AGI there and also keep track of other cryptos you might want to look for, although I cannot possibly think of a better crypto to buy right now other than AGI.

Oh i tried to use Binance, prime xbt, dex trade, like 5 other trade exchanges but they dont support the USA. everytime i tried to verify my account they would tell me due to usa laws they dont support trading for the usa. its ridiculous lol

In the “Exchange” part of the MEW wallet, just above the long list of cryptos, you can search and just type in “AGI” or “agi” and it should pop-up. Hope that helps! Btw or any other US exchange will not allow you to buy AGI. I’ve read that people have bypassed this process by using a VPN and making their AGI purchase on Binance exchange (not the US exchange). The MEW wallet was the easiest way I found to obtain AGI, though.

Oh ok. I heard about using the vpn before. but you still have to get your account verified using your drivers licence so I dont know how they would be getting there account verified to do so.
Wish there was a way to buy AGI without having to buy etherium lol.
That is just extra money spent to buy something else.

Hold on, they don’t allow buying AGI in Binance lol? Have you tried first buying BTC and then exchanging it to AGI? I mean, for some weird reason it doesn’t have direct AGI/USDT exchange but it does have AGI/BTC, so basically I buy first my BTC and then exchange it to AGI lol. It’s not the most convenient but it works. That’s how I’ve been purchasing AGI for a long time.

Yea seriously! They said I have to use to be able to use the binance website. but the us version dont support agi. its so stupid