How can cognitive technologies make our government more effective?

Kindof a flag for conservative pushback… we all want a drive of doc’s DeLorean… lol.

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Ah gotcha. It could use an upgrade, but it’s a real beauty.

( I’m actually a Libertarian Leftist, which unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of candidates that fit that bill anyway, other than the Greens. )

Well, anarcho-syndicalist, until you start getting into UFO, Artificial Intelligence, and scifi / conspiracy themes, in that case anarcho-transhumanist.

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Do you think with less anarchy we may achieve syndicated transhumanism? Nice thought. :-):face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hard to say, I mean as I tell my fiction writing friends, I was once more State Communist and less Ancom, but I do think slightly less anarchy toward transhumanism would be good.

DAO is one option. One thing I’m brainstorming now is a structure similar to Artificially Intelligent Plants, that is, although there is a common ancestor, they’re left to largely evolve in their own direction.

There is a political seed, and I simply watch from the sidelines how politics evolves.

I know what it is I was worried about. If the eventual goal is something like economic equality, how can we trust DAO frameworks that make sure that one person doesn’t try to:

Hoard everything, then call it communism in a bit of irony. I knew a guy once that was exactly like this. Whatever it was that was yours did not belong to you, it apparently belonged to him, and thus for his disposal.

That’s not communism in the slightest, and that’s he’d dare call me authoritarian while taking my stuff, is ballzy in the extreme.

Pretty sure he meant no irony by calling himself communist to, and seem to think the meanings of communism and capitalism were flexible.

I do know that Maori Party ( not to be confused by individual Maoris ) is significantly more right wing than the American Greens, but I’m not exactly sure by how much.

( Just to make I’m communicating, I don’t even mean a normal right-winger, which in most cases can be pretty cool people too. )