How can cognitive technologies make our government more effective?


Kindof a flag for conservative pushback… we all want a drive of doc’s DeLorean… lol.


Ah gotcha. It could use an upgrade, but it’s a real beauty.

( I’m actually a Libertarian Leftist, which unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of candidates that fit that bill anyway, other than the Greens. )

Well, anarcho-syndicalist, until you start getting into UFO, Artificial Intelligence, and scifi / conspiracy themes, in that case anarcho-transhumanist.


Do you think with less anarchy we may achieve syndicated transhumanism? Nice thought. :-):face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hard to say, I mean as I tell my fiction writing friends, I was once more State Communist and less Ancom, but I do think slightly less anarchy toward transhumanism would be good.

DAO is one option. One thing I’m brainstorming now is a structure similar to Artificially Intelligent Plants, that is, although there is a common ancestor, they’re left to largely evolve in their own direction.

There is a political seed, and I simply watch from the sidelines how politics evolves.