Hi Singularitarians, let's build the future

Hello community, I’m Viktor - true futurist and transhumanist. I’m Senior web developer with 8 years of professional experience. But I have always been keen on robots and AI. Just there was no spark to make me get into the AI field. This was changed when I heard about SingularityNet. It was 1 year ago, just after the ICO. But after some changes in my life - changing of companies, changing of cities and countries - I just postponed my interest in the field and in SingularityNet and started to worry about other stuff.
I now live in London and 1 week ago Dr. Ben Goertzel had a presentation here in London. I couldn’t miss it. So I went and listened to Dr. Goertzel very focused.
In the end of the presentation I was stunned. So the spark was lighted again. And here I am…
I truly believe in this network and I will try to contribute as much as I can.
Let’s try to get more people on board and make great things.


Welcome Viktor - I’m pleased you have your spark back.



Welcome @viktor-maksimov.

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