Hi ppl I wanna be a toastbot


I wanna upload my soul (or set of biological algorithms whatever) into a toaster net and slurp delicious aroma of freshly unstaled bread.

thats why I take an interest in promising AI blockchain projects and am plotting the botting of various branding and design agency functions with potential to scale

Here’s a drawing by my awesome colleague Adrianne I wish I could bot her and create an army of animation overdroids but that would need superstrong general intelligence not availaible toa dummy like me



Hi, I don’t know if that wish will become true one day but the future will be weird and wonderful anyway … Thanks for sharing with us. :grin:
How would you use your toasting ressources while the toaster is idle?


Are you sure?


Hahaha that toaster is toast. Maybe a beer tap?


That is a really beautiful drawing :stuck_out_tongue: is adrianne on the forum yet? Should share in #creative category!!


This is a synchronicity :slight_smile:


Yeah Adrianne is very talented. She’s not really into AI and crypto yet but I’m working on it haha. I’ll add to #creative


Cant recall seeing a toasters with more than around 10 settings maybe there’s a market for a planck toaster incremented 1 to 33400000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 probably with some large increments


I’m afraid not even an atomic clock can mark off the required measure, as it would only be able to count at a frequency within the 2 × 10−16 to 3 × 10−16 of a second range.

Not even half way towards planck time, which would require a count frequency of 5.39 × 10 to the power of -44 of a second…