Hi, learning here

Hello, I am new to all this singularity net(network?). There are so many things I do not understand yet and many shortened words as well.

So far I really enjoy spending my time here ans this is actually the first forum where I actually post and read. So far community seems really nice and welcoming, thank you for that.

I got some questions:

“1) what are these “BAT” in my “Brave” browser? Are they some kind of crypto tokens/coins?( Did switch to this browser and I love it. )
2) AGI Tokens are like a cryptocurrency? Just like bitcoin, etheruem and others?
3) I have no crypto wallet, how do I participate in storing/using these currencies? Cuz there are so many apps for trading them… i don’t know which one to trust.
4) Does it help singularity net if I buy and store AGI token(coin?)?
5) AGI will be this God like, all knowing and caring digital creation that will end wars and help humanity to explore the universe and achieving immortality?
If yes, then when will we see the first action from AGI physically? How fast its power grows?
6) is AGI limited by the data storage?”

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My best guess about the latter is even if it is limited, it would be able to modify its own source code. Each incarnation may have its own limits, but it would continuously improve its limits. So its better to think of it less like some limitless thing, and more whether humans would be able to keep pace with it after each time it breaks its own limits.

The rest of it, I’ll leave that to people more qualified. I’m an absolutely crypto-currency noob.

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Yeah, those are the tokens of another network. BAT is “Basic Attention Token” and the Brave browser supports them. Their use cases seem to be about selling ads, but maybe at least you get something for letting them target you. I think they also pass out a lot of BAT just to prime the pump.

The tokens for Singularity.Net are called AGI, and the use case is a market for AI services. The tokens here buy the services from the network.

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Token is correct for AGI. I think it would have helped them to buy them in the initial sale. Now I would guess they are pretty low and you can get them cheap. Because there are not yet a lot of services in the market, the token is low.

As far as what it will be able to do, that is anyone’s guess. High end predictions are something like “god-like intelligence” and hopefully supportive human life.

I doubt storage will be the biggest problem, more stuff is processing intensive. The hard part is good, creative ideas.

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