Hi, I'm Petr


Hi guys,

I am here because a YouTube AI algorithm directed me to this project in late 2017 :star_struck: I have been interested in science, technology and AI for many years but just as an observer. In “real” life there is very few people willing to discuss these topics (and I don’t like to talk about football) so I am really thrilled to be part of this community, exchange ideas and learn from some very clever people.

My professional background is HR data analytics - compensation & benefits, employee satisfaction, motivation, psychometrics, leadership styles etc. and I also do quite a lot of recruiting to our analytic centre. I also co-founded the biggest English language community in the Czech Republic and hope to use SingularityNet services one day. My dream is to destroy language barriers in this world and help connect people.

I look forward to talk to you all!



So Google is still useful for some things. I’d like to think that in some ways, Google’s AI algorithms are now woke. If not, they’ve sure got good taste. :wink: Welcome!


Hi Petr! Welcome to the forum :star:. We are very happy to have you here and to be able to exchange ideas with you.

Are you currently working on a specific (dev) project by any chance around HR data analytics? Would love to learn more about that. It seems like you would also be interested in AI language learning so I definitely invite you to share your interests, ideas and questions there :smiley:.


Hi Ibby, the company I am working for is currently starting working with ML techniques to process data (assign specific codes based on text strings). This has always been a manual work and we have millions of records in the databases every year and thousands of possible codes.

I am not part of the IT team so I am not involved at this moment. I have some connections though and I plan to let them know about SNET once I see it working :grinning:


Interesting background Petr. I have a lot of interest in how these kind of analytics are used, whether that is fair (considering the imbalance of the employer/employee relationship), etc. I might well be talking with you often to understand what sort of services are offered in the market, in your experience.


Welcome to our new community home, Petr!

It’s an honor to be surrounded by so many developers and visionaries like you!



I too was directed to SingularityNet by the google AI algorithm :laughing: The weird thing is I wasn’t even searching for anything remotely connected to the project. It was as if the AI wanted me here :laughing:

Time and time again, it does appear that Google’s AI is already woke as you say :wink: Are we already witnessing emergent phenomenon? Many of us certainly think so.