Hi, I'm Mike

I’m a music producer currently studying Creative Music Production at university but also have strong interests in technology (especially AI of course), astronomy, meteorology, psychology and macroeconomics.

One of my main interests is AI creativity, but I also obsessively think about and study the whole argument Ray Kurzweil makes about how technology has evolved and is progressing exponentially, and with how Max Tegmark also explains AI as the next stage of life. So I spend an unhealthy amount of my time researching to see if it’s actually happening, and what the impacts might be from it all.

I go on about AI and this whole paradigm shift we seem to be going through in human history far too much but if anyone else is up for exchanging ideas and thoughts I’d be up for a talk!

Thanks, and nice to be a part of this new community! : )

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Impossible! It’s healthy! It is, right? Tell me what I want to hear. Oh, and welcome, Mike! Several musicians seem to be attracted to this space. We’ve got @bengoertzel, of course, then there’s @Tim, some other guy, can’t keep track. And now you! Cool! I wish I had the talent for music or at least the training. Maybe I do have talent, but lack training. I’m envious of those that received this training in a compulsory manner as youths. Lucky devils! Rock on!

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Haha! and sup dude! yeah it’s cool how a decent amount of musicians seem interested in this topic. And yeah buddy if you’re creative and open minded enough to understand the singularity then I’m sure you have it in you to be a great musician! I started pretty late and although I’ve studied it at college and now university, most was self taught through the internet and just experimenting. Also just read your introduction… Aubrey de Grey is a legend and I also have a very strong interest in biotech, pretty much on par with AI… And I’m pretty determined to stay alive for the possible longevity escape velocity haha, so take supplements, eat healthy, exercise etc… I really wanna see this through! And the slew of breakthroughs in immunotherapy and gene therapy in past few years seems to be showing that we’re on track, which is just insane. What a time to be alive.

You might take a look at the fascinating Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin, possibly the first technological transhumanist, who developed the concept of the Omega Point in his The Phenomenon of Man, written in the 1930s.