Hi, I'm Matthew, currently in NL, soon -> Sydney


Hi all,

I’m Matthew. I’m an indy consultant that helps companies implement AI and automation across their organisations. I’m also helping out with standards concerning ethics of AI and incorporating AI ethics in corporate processes.


Hey Matthew, why are you leaving the NL? It’s my dream country :slight_smile:


Hi Matthew! Welcome :smile:! I am looking forward to your posts here. I believe Ethics of AI is a very important topic. Maybe you like to share some thoughts and opinions in the opinion & news category. By the way, as we are in Beta Mode we may need to recategorize some things or create new categories to facilitate discussion better. Feel free to suggest new ones or a repurposing of the ones we have set in the feedback category.


Dutchies United :netherlands:


Lots of reasons. I have crazy commutes that I want to stop, Brexit has caused real problems with running my own business here, my oldest doesn’t do well with the school system and I want my youngest kids to have recurring nightmares about terrifying beasts.


oh wow, thats a lovely story… but still I don’t think syndey will be that much cheaper :slight_smile: well the weather will definetly be better, that’s for sure