Hi I'm Martin from the Netherlands , this space is looking nice and bright

I was/am in construction for 14 years , but changing now my career and going more in IT and finance. I can’t wait to explore this new platform. SNet is the BOM!
So see you arround

Hi Martin! Welcome to the forum! Tell me more about your change from construction to IT and finance. What would you like to get out of an AI-powered future?

Hi Ibby

Snet is the best and savest way to deal with A.i. I geuss
And I just love that we have a little change to get that controll back , as people.

Afcourse , I,m also not sure if people are ready for controll?

But we have seen what the establishment made of it.

Anyway I’m all in and will do all I can to be part of this.

So I hope soon to start trying the platforms

I also have a project in mind wich I will share when time is there.

Construction was my plan to get financiele independend

the crisis and construction brought me further than ever from this plan.

Every business I started in the past every time a crisis kicked me back to 0.

So now I combine my hobby (IT). and with finance I hope to be ahead of the market.

If you know what is coming next year , we know what todo today.

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Agree! Have fun on the forum :smiley: looking forward to your shares here.