Hi - I am Arif (Marketing Operations Lead @SingularityNET). Great to be here!

Hi everyone.

I am the Marketing Operations Lead and work closely with Mitchell and the team (Ryan, Ibby, Jillian) to manage and execute our business priorities (from hiring to go-to-market).

Really excited to get this going! Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn too www.linkedin.com/in/arikhan


Hi Arif! Welcome to the forum :smiley:. I hope the community will get to know you and your work better in the future as you are a real star in the company :star:.

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Welcome @Arif. Looking forward to working alongside you and the team and the rest of the community here :smiley:

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Arif, I’m excited about the openings and opportunities to help SingularityNet! Please see a book I wrote to help democratize AI: http://tsunami.ai - A cartoon I made to help explain decentralized AI: DeepBrain Chain: Decentralized AI - YouTube - I have been doing AI research, I have a background in learning design, global multilingual content, cryptocurrency/blockchain, and related technology.

Please let me know how I could help!

  • Dr. Todd Kelsey, PhD

Arif, your podcasts are incredible. I love how you conduct them. The podcasts really help generate ideas around new services and the possibilities that we are going to realize soon. Great to meet you!


That’s very kind of you. My co-host @Tim will be leading a lot more conversations in 2019 - stay tuned :slight_smile:


Bring on those thought provoking conversations! Thanks a million Arif.