Hi - I am Arif (Marketing Operations Lead @SingularityNET). Great to be here!


Hi everyone.

I am the Marketing Operations Lead and work closely with Mitchell and the team (Ryan, Ibby, Jillian) to manage and execute our business priorities (from hiring to go-to-market).

Really excited to get this going! Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn too www.linkedin.com/in/arikhan


Hi Arif! Welcome to the forum :smiley:. I hope the community will get to know you and your work better in the future as you are a real star in the company :star:.


Welcome @Arif. Looking forward to working alongside you and the team and the rest of the community here :smiley:


Arif, I’m excited about the openings and opportunities to help SingularityNet! Please see a book I wrote to help democratize AI: http://tsunami.ai - A cartoon I made to help explain decentralized AI: https://youtu.be/7LfS146fJ5M - I have been doing AI research, I have a background in learning design, global multilingual content, cryptocurrency/blockchain, and related technology.

Please let me know how I could help!

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