Hi everyone!

My name is Joeri Pross, and I’m a video maker with a fascination for bleeding edge, disruptive tech like blockchain, AI, quantum computing, robotics, nano and biotech.

You can check out the work of my studio here : www.hypercube.video

I just watched Dr Ben’s “From Here to Human-Level AGI in 4 Simple Steps” and was very impressed with the scope of what this community is doing!! Very exciting to see that AGI is closer than I first imagined.

I’m a huge fan of the Wait But Why?! blog where I learned a LOT about AI , and i also love Ray Kurzweil and Sam Harris. Is anyone else here using his Waking Up app to learn meditation?

Anyway, I’m stoked to have found Singularitynet ( to be honest the first time I heard about this, which was before the TGE, i thought it was just clever marketing! ) and see how much progress is being made here. Will be following closely! And hopefully, I will find ways to help.

Kind regards, Joeri aka Hypercube

PS Ben’s line "“Now im going to show a really complicated slide. You always need to show a really complex one to confuse people” really cracked me up!!