Hi Everyone - Exploring Ways to Help Underserved Communities


I have been following SingularityNet since February of last year and am very excited about its goals and progress. I plan to actively participate in the forum and other channels going forward.

My primary interest is is finding ways that underserved communities can share in the benefits brought about by AI and progress toward the Singularity.

My wife and I have supported a local community here (Washington DC) for several years and know that the residents, given the opportunity, can acquire the skills needed to work with robots in supporting the greater community, and also use virtual reality to expand horizons, make items with 3D printing, etc.

I am a member of a local HackerSpace and have worked with members of the HackerSpace, as well as individuals from other organizations, toward the goal of bringing the benefits of AI and other emerging technologies to underserved communities.

I am also very interested in life extension. I want to experience the Singularity.


I think you represent our center…


I think the community has to make SingularityNET a tool that is used by developers. To do this we can activate influencers of developers to feature SingularityNET as a tool and show the advantages and how to use it.
When the developers start using it as a tool they will produce new services based on SingularityNET. Therefore bringing it to the attention of their customers. This will cause natural growth and further the adoption of the platform.
I started a thread on Reddit to launch a Twitter campaign for two influencers in the AI development space - kudos to Crypto AI Profit for coming up with the idea:

If you get your HackerSpace to help us tweet to these people we can get one step closer!