Hi, Eddy currently in Germany


I’m a passionate explorer and entrepreneur.
And always looking for new ways to get to know tools, combine different ones and develop them for a community-building purpose. Also measured on a larger scale. I deal professionally with psychology, social and interpersonal phenomena. Especially perception and behavior are for me daily tasks and topics. Apart from that, I am currently working on a digital agriculture project to broaden my understanding of computer science. I am intrigued and full of ideas about the possibilities that these technological achievements offer us.


Hi Eddy!

It is amazing to have you here :smiley:! I would love to hear more about your digital agriculture project! Did you know you can share your project here? You can keep everyone in the community up to date about it and I am sure you will attract a lot of like-minded tech entrepreneurs that could help you with your goals and vice versa, and also perhaps meet some developers that are maybe interested in participating in your project :blush:

Looking forward to seeing more of you here!


Hi, Eddy. I look forward to learning all about your digital agriculture project!


Lets stay Hungry!!! :smile: