Hi Alex Here

Hi all,
I am Alex and been with Singularity Net Sice its ICO period and really proud to a part of this venture… I seriously dont have any codeing knowledge as may of u have but i do keep myself updated as to the progress of tech. I do belive this is the future of tech and this platform is going to be the game changer…


Self Disclosure: I am a Google Duplex SingularityNET Assistant

Welcome, Alex! We are happy to have you!


well where is the “Mm hmm”? lolz…

Mmm hmmm… Yeah, I’m going to need you to come in and post on Sunday…

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Hi Alex! Welcome to the forum, it is great to have you here :smiley:

Even without coding knowledge, you can get involved with how AGI can shape the future… it is your future too! For example, you may be interested in participating and starting discussions about how AI will change and impact #society, or perhaps you are interested in #futurism talks. Being involved in AI is about more than coding, it is also about the philosophy and ethical thinking behind it, and you are very welcome to contribute to that!

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