Heyo I'm Kasey, Version 1.0 - SNET Believer

Hello SingularityNet Community,

My name is Kasey from Ontario, Canada. I’m a singularitarian and blockchain enthusiast. I’ve been following the SingularityNet project since before the ICO. Reading the white paper for the first time actually brought me to tears - the roadmap that is truly capable of bringing us to the singularity. I’m an independent filmmaker, visual artist, musician, and educator. I am a teacher and currently run the science and computer technology program at an elementary school; getting children excited about the universe, and teaching coding.

I, however, wasn’t always quite so interested in science and technology. About 8 years ago I was introduced to the concept of the technological singularity through a documentary called The Singularity Is Near. It opened the rabbit hole, and to say the least, changed my life. I had to see for myself if this mumbojumbo was really possible. So I embarked on a journey of scientific discovery. Seems like we are at the beginning of the next great transformation.

Reading Dr. Goertzel, I was introduced to what the future could bring, and how we might get there. It changed me. And I’ve tried to pass on the inspiration. This past summer, one of my grade 8 graduates, during his graduation speech, told me that I inspired him to be a geneticist- so he can cure aging. It’s funny how one thing leads to the next.

I’ve been involved in blockchain for several years, and have passively followed SNET almost exclusively since last year; reading the partner white papers, and blog posts. I plan on becoming more of an active participant in the community. I entered the Office Artwork Competition, designing 5 pieces :slight_smile: Hope I can help.