Hey it's Zolgo! [Woman behind the LHC]

Hello everyone! I’m Jasmine, aka Zolgo on theTelegram platform. Yall get the sneak peak of my identity here hehe. I’m just a nerd that happened to stumble upon this project. I knew nothing of blockchain, cryptocurrency, or much about AI before learning of it. I found out about Sophia through conspiracy videos, and as many of you know I’m all into things of that nature, so I wanted to find out more about what was REALLY going on :smiley:

To my delight I found very humble, intelligent,humanistic, forward-thinking people, and an amazing concept that looked extremely promising and world-changing. I wanted to be a part of this revolution, so I joined in, learning more and more along the way, getting more involved, and here I am!


Hi Jasmine! I am so happy to see you here :smile:! Welcome :heart:. Your open and critical mind is very appreciated in this community, and I hope that people like you will ask the right questions and start the right debates to contribute to the creation of beneficial AI within our community.

Perhaps you will like Scientific Futurism & The Singularity category a lot, as it serves to be a way of continuing the original AGI Philosophy & Futurism chat. However, please feel free to also suggest any new categories if you feel like critical and open minds like yours could perhaps come to expression better in another category with a different purpose. We were thinking of perhaps something like “The Futurist Playground” for exploring various ideas freely :thinking:.

Looking forward to seeing more of you here!


What about “The Wormhole” :smile:

One thing I’m most interested in is bringing in ancient wisdom/knowledge into the present-day–“decentralized esoterism” I call it. I’ve seen a couple AI projects that deal with deciphering ancient texts…I feel that futurism is incomplete without disovering the ancient past, we still can’t build a pyramid like the ones in Egypt, or understand what the Stone Henge and other such structures were really for, things like that :wink:.


The Wormhole sounds pretty cool :thinking:… Hmmmm… Maybe you can post it in suggestions!

Hi Zolgo [F],

When mini blackhole? Where is the roadmap lol

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Hello Jasmine! Welcome to our new web home :wink:

I’m thrilled we all finally get the honor to see that fascinating woman behind the LHC avatar :laughing: You certainly got many of us in the community more engaged, and undoubtedly have helped foster many discussions “outside of the box”. Also fostering a healthy debate, too. So, really, it’s great to have you here!

+1 for the “wormhole” category suggestion! Do it :laughing:

Also, safe & happy travels :wink:


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I love this! I feel the same way!

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