Hey, I'm Denis - biomedical and bioinformatics-focused project manager

I’m a trained physician, transhumanist, longevity scientist, biomedical and robotics engineer, bioinformatician, seasonal research and project manager.

I have been working with Ben’s and David Hanson’s teams for three years now.

My main goal here is to bring and integrate biomedical/healthcare/bioinformatics microservices to SNet.

Currently, I’m working with MOZI Health AI team (https://mozi.ai) on R&D part of the project.


Hi Denis! Welcome to the forum - it is so great to have you here. Feel free to share your project in the Share your Project category to keep us up to date on your progress and to inform us about your research in the AI Research Lab categories. I am also very interested in your perspectives on transhumanism in Scientific Futurism & The Singularity :eyes:.

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