Hey, I'm Cassio and I run SNET's AI R&D Division

Hello everyone!

I have been working on AI research, development and consulting for about two decades now, mostly in partnership with our fearless leader, Dr. Goertzel. Our works overlaps a lot, but he tends to excel at the big vision and math side of things, whereas I’m a bit more at home with the software and project management aspects.

I’m based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, with frequent visits to the HK mothership (typing this from an airport, actually).

I really look forward to using this forum as a way of engaging our enthusiastic community and working together to build great stuff!


Hey Cassio!

Great post :slight_smile: I’m sure the community will be thrilled about your appointment announcement that was posted today!



Hi Cassio! Amazing to see your intro here too :smile:. I am sure the community looks forward to getting to know you better as well!

You have published a lot of research over the years. Perhaps you could tell us which research project has had the most impact on you, and perhaps defines the way you approach the challenges of today in AI as the CAIO of SingularityNET?

Looking forward to seeing more!

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Hi Ibby! The most impactful project, and the one that best reflects our approach to integrative, synergistic AGI is OpenCog, of course. There will be a lot to say about how OpenCog can be useful for SingularityNET im the future, BTW.


We all look forward to the updates :smile:! I am sure the community is curious to learn more.

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