Hello World, indeed~!

Wanted to introduce myself and maybe get involved in the community here, as a proponent of the free open source singularity! I know that the best future is a decentralized distributed peer to peer nodal mesh network of independent agents working holistically all together towards a collective common greatest good! What we can create working together is far greater than what any of us can create alone! I like to build upon the analogy of chainmail, each of us is a single ring, alone we might not have much power, but intermeshed with only the few surrounding rings, the rings all have the ability to stop arrows! And that is only a single layer of internetworking! The human brain is what is capable of being created if you fold the layers of chainmail on top of one another and link the layers together even more! Inconceivable things are possible if we all can work together! Free open source singularity~!!! Haha hope that made sense!

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For some additional information, I am a C.I.S. (computer information systems) student, only associates degree so far but looking to move towards bachelors, masters, and doctorate eventually, in the field of computer science with a focus on AI. I am a lifelong learner and avid researcher of any and all fields that I find interesting at the time, and believe that even seemingly completely different fields of study can have overarching patterns and commonalities leading to unfathomable progress using interdisciplinary collaboration and sharing methods.

I am a huge proponent of individual education and peer to peer collaboration. I think that their is a huge potential for a free open source educational knowledge based ai that can work with each of us on an individual level, while collaboratively learning with each other and forming a holistic whole ai. This is almost exactly the same kind of idea that Ben has envisioned for his ai agents in singularitynet, I think, with each agent learning, teaching, and improving itself and the greater whole.

There is also another project I think that singularitynet could benefit greatly from collaborating or even just developing on Holochain, if anyone has heard of it. It is an open source distributed app framework , that I think could run singularitynet


I wasn’t really sure where to post this so I decided to just attach it to my introduction, hope that is all right! Not trying to shill for holochain or anything, and if this is innapropriate I can remove it haha. I genuinely want to foster growth and development of singularitynet as I see it could be another massive piece of the free open source singularity!

Some additional reading for those interested in algorithms representing neural network structure in the brain

and an implementation of the model of the neocortex for AI machine learning purposes…

Here are some infographics about holochain vs other blockchain techs

The transactions per second actually increases with increasing scale vs other blockchains which get slower the bigger they are, with holochain more nodes means more TPS!