Hello, I am Eskender Besrat, programmer @ iCog Labs, Ethiopia


For the past three years I have worked at iCog Labs on various projects ranging from writing software for toy robots to developing ML based API for Intel chips. I have also worked on various startups at iCog Labs. Currently I am really excited to join the SinngularityNET community to work on Dr. Roboto, an OpenCog powered robot that demonstrates a lot of SingularityNET functionalites, and to work on OpenCog Ghost module for scripting behavior for artificial characters.


Hey @eskenderbesrat, awesome to have you on the community forum! What programming areas do you specialize in? Any interesting projects worth highlighting here?


Hey @Ryan. I have updated my intro. Sorry I was in a hurry yesterday.


Hi Eskender! It is awesome to have you here :smile:! I am really curious to learn more about the progress you are making on Dr. Roboto and the OpenCog Ghost module! If you want, you can share your project here and update us as you go now and then :blush:. It would be really interesting to get a look behind the scenes. Looking forward to seeing more of you on the forum!