Hello from Simon of Slovenia (CS Ph.D. student & deep learning researcher)

A warm hello to all fellow Singularitarians!

Simon Mezgec from Slovenia here (don’t worry if you can’t find it on the map). :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been fascinated by technology all my life and so I chose computer science as my career choice. More specifically, during my initial study years, I started gravitating towards computer vision, and for my Bachelor’s thesis, I developed a traffic sign detection system (mind you, this was in 2011, so before this kind of thing was present in basically every new car). :slight_smile:

I then transitioned slowly towards using computer vision for solving medical and health-related issues, and so for my Master’s thesis, I developed a system that transforms cancer delineations between MR and CT images, with the idea that MR images differentiate soft tissue better, but MRI machines are more expensive and not as ubiquitous as CT machines. This means that, using such a system, you can ideally take an MR image in the beginning phase of the treatment, and then you can get by using just CT images.

For my Ph.D., I started developing systems for recognizing as many different food and drink types from images as possible. This is useful not only for regular people who want to keep a tab on their calorie intake, but especially for patients who have different restrictions regarding their diet. After my first year, all other computer vision approaches began to take a backseat to deep learning - it was such a revolution in this field, that you basically can’t develop a competitive algorithm for computer vision without using some form of deep learning anymore. So naturally, I then started using it myself, and I have been researching deep learning approaches ever since. It really is mind-boggling how much my (and, presumably, almost every other researcher’s) work was changed by deep learning - where before I was coding most of the time, I am now designing AI models, preparing data (which is an enormous problem in and of itself) and trying to figure out how I can design AI models better by looking at their performance. So quite different, but a whole lot of fun!

I’m now in my final year, and I have published a couple of papers so far, so if anyone wants to give them a read (shameless self-promotion incoming):

I have only become seriously interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies at the end of last year, but I am now very excited about the prospect of such disruptive technologies. And when I found out about SingularityNET, it really piqued my interest, as it is not only a marriage of blockchain and the field that I am working in, but seems to address a lot of very important concerns about society in the coming years and decades. Namely, concerns about the centralization of power in the age of AI, as AI will make any imbalances in power today that much more obvious in the future. Not to mention that the team behind SNET looks very capable and has a clear goal in mind. I can’t wait for the launch of the beta and final versions of the platform, when I will try integrating my deep learning models onto the SNET platform.

So here we are. :slight_smile: I’m very excited to be part of this community, and particularly excited about where this project is heading! Hopefully someone will find this at least a bit interesting, and if you have any kind of question (regarding deep learning, AI or otherwise), please don’t hesitate to fire away - I’ll answer to the best of my abilities.


Hi Simon! Welcome to the forum :smiley: it is great to have you here.

This is amazing:

You probably succeeded in cutting costs quite a lot with that and thereby helping a lot of people.

We actually also have people from Mozi.AI working at SingularityNET with whom you will likely have a lot of nice exchanges of ideas as they are into biomedical AI applications. I encourage you to post your papers freely, whichever you want as long as they are related to SingularityNET, in a category like AI Algorithms & Structures. It may be useful to paste them full-text as it allows people to quote directly in their comments/discussion about it too.

I also encourage you to share your project you are working on and planning to integrate in SingularityNET. You can keep people up to date on your project and the developments and prime them ahead of time :smiley:.

Once again welcome and I hope to see a lot of posts in the future from you! People like you help shape the future and thought about how to move forward towards an AI future. :blush:.


Thanks a lot for the kind words Ibby, appreciate it! The MR/CT project was quite ambitious as there is not a lot of research in the area, and I’m still upgrading the project in my spare time (which is getting more scarce by the day) so that it could be published in a reputable journal, so we’ll see how it turns out. :slight_smile:

I’m still reading through all the topics and finding my way around here, but I’ll definitely be as active here as time allows, as I have had nothing but positive interactions so far in the Telegram chat and also here on the forum. Also, congrats on doing a fantastic job running the whole operation and responding to everyone - keep up the great work! :+1:

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