Hello, from Riddle

30+ years of software and computer engineering, development, integration. Now retired and doing the projects I want. AI. Agents, Virtual Worlds.

Have 6 Raspberry Pis doing things around the house, office and Worlds. Just got Octool_rpi setup and running. Ready to start learning.

Interested in getting a virtual dog to fetch a ball and then maybe a bartender that can make a good Amaretto Coffee (in SL, OpenSim and High Fidelity).


Welcome Riddle! What kind of agents do you wanna make now?

Welcome @riddle

Hello Riddle :wave:
30 years experience? Hope Tim Richmond sees you and welcomes you to the fold. :hugs:

Hi Riddle,

Welcome to the community! It is great to have you here. Every member brings their own value to the project and so feel free to share any projects you want to discuss in a topic dedicated to it in #projects

Furthermore, I am sure you will find some use in starting conversations and joining others in their topics in categories like #developers and #algorithms and #agi

We also have a FAQ you may want to check out #qa

With such experience, you can add much value to our community and I am sure you can also find many like-minded people,

A good place to start is to get to know you better, perhaps you could expand on your experience, what interests you, what do you think about the future and the coming singularity?

we are curious to see more from you :wink:

All the best,



Every project needs a great @riddle! Welcome!


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Not sure what kind of agents to make yet :wink:
Will start looking at how to make coffee and move on.

Will try to keep people a little less serious.

Thanks, Tim wrote a few minutes after you.
Need to compose an answer to him.

Thanks for the welcome, links, pointers and gentle nudge toward how to get started. I will try to flush out a bio a bit.

BTW - our 10+year SL group, besides many other sessions, is book club reading “21 Lessons for the 21st Century” by Yuval Noah Harari. which seldom veers away from singularity, AGI, technology, biotech and what will be the future.

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You’re welcome, I have not read this book but I will look for it now :slight_smile:

I think you may also like our discussion in the #agichat sections where we examine many of the issues we are facing during and the run-up to the singularity,