Hello from Lori

I’m new to Singularity.Net.

My background is in libraries, information services, gerontology, disability, acupunture and a wish to make the world to be easier for everyone. I own FET crypto.

I have been trying to figure out how to breakin to your reality for a few weeks now. I registered for your website and started on telegram (not the best experience).

I believe you are all brilliant, but not necessarily welcoming.
Its like I am knocking but no one will answer.

How can I add som FAQ’s to the website to guide beginners into your world with simplistic steps?

Looking forward to participating.



Hello Lori, welcome to SingularityNET! I share your opinion about the (lack of) welcome. The ecosystem Ecosystem - SingularityNET is a complex one - links at the bottom of the page - and it can be tricky to find effective communication paths. I use this forum About - SingularityNET more as a repository and reference for ideas than for discussion… Best wishes, Phil Wood

I tried Telegram and the short of it is that I was scammed for 320 FET.

I was direct messaged by Sergey Shalyapin who identified with his photo on Telegram as the CTO of Singularity net. He said he had to verify me for the protocol and needed my wallet id for my FET and then he said to log into decentralisedprotocol netlify app which I did and now all my FET is gone.

I contacted to info at singularitynet to report that I was scammed.

Ahmed replief and directed me to Chat with a LIVE CHAT AGENT using ticket ID )# omitted) which connected me with livechatsupport
No branding at this website to confirm I wss really talking to someone at Singularity net.

But I trusted… and start handing over my wallet info for my Coinbase and my Base wallet and they say they can reverse my FET losses and then they asked me to connect my wallet through their attached connect wallet button. This Connect button is asking me for my Coinbase 12 word code… once again I feel like I am being scammed and could lose everything…

So far my experience has been very poor. Can you suggest who I could talk to about this issue at Singularity.Net?

And, she gets CRICKETS. smh

Speak out against someone's disapproval or disagreement with you. 
A friend might leave an SMH in the chat as a firm way to disagree with or disapprove of your opinion. Dish it right back to them with a playful quip or response of your own! Sympathize with someone's frustrating situation.
cuando alguien en un espacio tecnológico dice "Y ella recibe GRILLOS.

Today, I sent this update on my issues to legal at singularitynet

Dear SNET Legal Representative,

Last week, I was scammed out of 320.662 FET crypto while on the SingularityNET Community Group on Telegram on 5/23/2924.

Today I visited the same Telegram board and I am being told if I " [click here to connect](decentralized-points netlify app)" Decentralized-points netlify app or use this app wappunifxings pages dev/#, I can receive Bitcoin Rectification. I am being told by “Tion” one of the moderators that: “You have to connect your wallet and access the reversal options through the firmware web link I sent you above”

Since I was scammed through a netlify account, you might understand why I am loathe to go there again.

When I asked for SingularityNET documentation on these policies, I was told no policies exist.

Below I am including what happened to me prior to today, to show you the road I have been on learning about SingularityNet and all the issues with security and what looks to me like potential criminal collusion.

Lori’s SingularityNET Education:

SIngularityNET recommends on their website the app Telegram as one of the ways they support their community.

I went to Telegram to learn more about singularitynet oo and to get more involved and I was scammed out of 320.663 FET on 5/23/2024.

I received a direct messaged by Sergey Shalyapin who was identified with his photo on Telegram as the CTO of SingularityNet. He said to get futher involved that he had to verify me for the protocol and needed my wallet id for my FET. On 5/22/2024 i transfered the FET to my Base wallet 0x7b341d5d48c34b883c1babe3905bba858f1b4ac8, then he said to log into https://decentralisedprotocol netlify app, which I did and now all my FET is gone. They transfered my FET on 5/23/24 to this account 0x9d8064cc92e06ccedb04f1b3a5093474ad463b0f .

I then contacted info at singularitynet. to report that I was scammed.

Ahmed told me to go to Chat with a LIVE CHAT AGENT using ticket ID OA523 which connected me with livechatsupport app/ticket/

No Sinularitynet.io branding was on this website. But I trusted them and handed over my info for my Coinbase Base wallet and they say they could reverse my FET loss and ask me to connect my wallet through their attached connect wallet button. This connect button asked me for my Coinbase 12 word code AND … once again I felt like I was being scammed and thought I could lose everything…

So, I stopped talking to info at singularitynet and contacted Coinbase who said it looks like I had been scammed and to report the issue to the FBI which I did.

Today when I went to Telegram the layout for the SingulaeityNET Community was completely different. And as I mentioned above, I don’t trust what they say about linking my Coinbase wallet.

Can you validate that info at singularitynet… is authentic and that they will in fact reimburse me for the funds taken from me illegally by an imposter of SingularityNET? Also, it would be good to know if the SingularityNET group on Telegram is trustworthy.



I received a Mail Delivery Subsystem message back.

We’re writing to let you know that the group you tried to contact (legal) may not exist, or you may not have permission to post messages to the group. A few more details on why you weren’t able to post:

  • You might have spelled or formatted the group name incorrectly.
  • The owner of the group may have removed this group.
  • You may need to join the group before receiving permission to post.
  • This group may not be open to posting.

If you have questions related to this or any other Google Group, visit the Help Center at h
support google com/a/singularitynet io/bin/topic.py?topic=25838.


[singularitynet io] admins

Update as of 5/30/2024

I have reported this on SIngularityNET community on Discord, although I am not sure anyone is listening.
and resent to “contact” form for Press/Media and sent another email firectly to info@singularitynet.io which I now see posted at community.singularitynet.io .

When I went to the “contact” link on the SingularityNET io website, I completed the “form” requesting help due to a scam that stole my FET through a contact with SingularityNET Community Site on Telegraph. I quickly received an email from “Amed” with the email address info @ SingularityNET io, who told me to go to a phishing site with a ticket number for “support” livechatsupport app (which is now inactive).

I contacted Communitq (which secures the info@singularitynet said the forum on the SingularityNET website was from communiteq’s forum Discourse software tools, but the email was actually from another email address. They said they would not share the email due to European Law, but would cooperate with law enforcement.

After spending much time on research, I would say that by that some SNET community users are misbehaving and conspiring against the community. By SingularityNET using the contact form and forum through Discourse on their website (and using Tlgrm as a support tool), that there is in fact collusion against the community. Decentralization should not infer disorganization and criminality. This contempt against others is not kind.

I am hoping corrective action is being taken.

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@loriguidos - “some SNET community users are misbehaving and conspiring against the community” - a serious accusation indeed, and needs to be properly answered so that confidence can be restored.
@Emaden @Mayordefi @Tim @Matthew2 @penny.wong - please reach out as necessary - thank you.

I’ve been in touch on Telegram, unfortunately there is nothing we can do to prevent people reaching out while interacting on public fora. All over the crypto space projects and “helpdesks” get impersonated. Email addresses get spoofed as well. Besides informing people that they need to be vigilant, there is nothing to concretely do about this.

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The contact you’ve been having through that email is NOT legit. There is no way of reimbursing for lost funds, you made the right call to NOT connect your wallet.
The telegram group has tons of impersonating groups as well. The legit one is Telegram: Contact @singularitynet (also recognisable by the blue verified tick)

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The scam I fell for was with via Telegram SNET Community where I was contacted via DM from someone who saw me asking for help there. I was conned. This is a known systemic problem on Telegram and Discord that everyone knows about and nobody is interested in fixing, because it’s too profitable to scammers. But be aware that this is not the issue I am bringing to your attention here.

This goes much deeper and involves the chaos of the internal resources controlling the SNET website, the website forum, the “contact” form on the website as well as the Telegraph SNET community - all resources recommended through the website.

When I went to the SingularityNET.io website and added this report of a scam to both the website forum and via the “contact” form. I was sent two separate emails supposedly from info@singularitynet.io. Both emails gave me a ticket number and sent me a link to a phishing website trying to get me to connect my wallet for coinbase with my secret keyword phrase.

The forum from the SingularityNET website uses Discourse supported by Communiteq (which secures the email sent through info@singularitynet.io). I contacted them and they informed me that the emails were in fact sent by a hotmail email address. How could this be?

Phishing scams included referrals to:
livechatsupport app,
dappwalletauth web app,
decentralisedprotocol netlify.app,
decentralized-points netlify app
wappunifxings pages dev (curently posted at telegram)

I am done trying to get SingularityNET.Io to listen.

I believe I have had some success alerting internal individuals connected within the organization to alert them that something is wrong and now its up to you, your legal teams and law enforcement.

Decentralalization does not mean disorganization, schemes or collusions. I can only hope this will be investigated seriously by staff at SNET.


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And here you go. Another response from using the “contact form” info@ singularitynet io telling me:

from: Almed via SingularityNET <info@ singularitynet io>
reply-to: Almed via SingularityNET <community-replies+efc761c13e80c599cee72c4118d77dc7@ singularitynet io>
to: loriguidos @ gmail com
date: May 31, 2024, 12:53 PM
subject: [SingularityNET] [PM] RE: Hello from Lori
mailing list: SingularityNET Filter messages from this mailing list
mailed-by: singularitynet io
signed-by: communiteq com
security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more
: Important because previous messages in the conversation were important.

Yes we can process a reversal [@loriguidos]( community singularitynet.io/u/loriguidos)
Click on the above link and engage the live chat for that [@loriguidos](community singularitynet io/u/loriguidos)

I guess it is a scammer bot?

I have two other emails from info @ singularitynet io. Just keeps coming.

All website scams reported are
all now offline! (At least for the moment.)

Except for the Telegram Singularitynet Community Group
referring to https://wappunifxings.page is still working though)