Hello from Kabir


I’m Kabir - an investigator of [decentralized] intelligence, cognition and mind ;).

At SingularityNET I am leading a research program on Offer Networks (OfferNets), which is a paradigm of an intelligent decentralized sharing economy supported by non-monetary exchanges. Please feel free to look at the singnet/offernet GitHub repository for digging deeper and/or leaving comments & questions (also as github issues).

sharing-economy OfferNet_architecture

Most broadly, I am engaged into thinking about (and acting around) leveraging fascinating transformative potential (as well as dodging perils) of accelerating development of technologies at the current point of [human] intelligence expansion. OfferNets program is a part of my broader research on computational perspective of open-ended intelligence… Here is my e-business card ;).

Looking forward… :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome Kabir! It is so nice to see you here too on the forum :smiley: If you want, please keep us updated on your progress in #projects. It would be really interesting to see how it develops step by step and what your thought processes are.

Welcome Kabir!

Welcome, Kabir!