Hello from Dr. Ben


Hello everyone! I am super psyched that we are launching this forum in order to engage more fully with the existing SingularityNET community and to expand this community tremendously by pulling in more and more awesome people who share our vision…

While time is the most precious commodity for me lately, I do plan to make time to participate in the forums here on a regular basis…

Thanks so much for your interest in SingularityNET… I truly believe there is no pursuit more important on this planet right now than the creation of decentralized AI … both powerful decentralized AGI that improves its own intelligence via its experience, and AI that serves practical immediate human needs in a democratic and participatory way…


Hi Ben! A huge thank you from all of us for starting this project. It is very powerful and beautiful in my eyes to dedicate one’s time towards the democratization of a very important technology for the greater good. I am sure many people look forward to interacting with you more, and this platform likely serves this purpose better than Telegram :stuck_out_tongue:. Together we can do it!


It is great to be involved and I am also psyched about this forum. It will encourage a much more engaging and considered dynamic, preserving everyone’s unique thoughts and contributions in a more structured and permanent way than Telegram ever could.

I feel like the development of this new forum for the community is a major step in bringing together kindred spirits. I can think of no more important initiative right now: AI meets blockchain. To AGI and beyond!