Hello from David Orban

Hello to all the SingularityNet Community members!

My name is David Orban, and I started as an AI developer in the previous millennium (Lisp and Prolog programming, expert systems, inference engines, but also cellular automata and neural networks).

I have been an entrepreneur founding, and scaling companies both in Europe and in the US: voice recognition, machine translation, human interfaces, internet of things, and others.

Now I am a seed stage investor in technology startups with Network Society Ventures.

I founded Network Society based on my experience with Singularity University, where I was part of the team that designed SU at NASA, studying exponential technologies. I realized that decentralization is a necessary consequence of this technology trend.

I have been active in Bitcoin since 2011, and in Ethereum from the beginning of the project. Invested in and advised many ICOs, crypto funds over the years.

You can learn more about me on http://davidorban.com/about


Pleasure to meet you. You go by sir, or is Dave OK?

David is fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello David, I have just sent you an exploratory email…

Thanks for your advice sir. Time will tell…

I would like a chat at some stage!

I’m sure there will be an opportunity, in the meantime email is the best.

Follow up… I will curate the book from my sm posts and the dark forest. Sounds a bit posthumous to me, maybe I could use one of Anton’s agents. Lol. My project is brownfield, physical and being built now on the fly. I am working on the cryptophysical interface… a motherless Child my friend…
An ama for you. Is singularityNET blockchain agnostic?
Cheers dave,
PS. Your email response time… 200wpm or a bot? Lol

Welcome to the team, sir. I believe in organic intelligence…

Welcome to the community, sir. :pray: