Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum!

Hello everyone, my name is Jon aka ShrimpBrime. I really enjoy most all technology. My fun is PC overclocking and benchmarking.

What brought me here is that I really enjoy AI and take time to watch it grow on all kinds of different fronts. In most other communities (forums) there isn’t a lot of talk about AI. So here I am to read and explore on singularitynet!


Welcome to the SingularityNET community Forum!

Technology is truly growing at an exponential rate and even though AI is already all around us, many do not realize it.

Though this will become much clearer to everyone over the next couple of years as automation really takes off.

Please feel free to explore the various subjects here and if you need any help, please feel free to message me.




Thanks for the warm welcome Tim. :slight_smile:

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