One of the interesting trends in the study of the predictive nature of art, is the zombie movement which started really getting going in the 90’s.
The issue is never which body part they prefer, but rather the simple observation that they only like the taste of those who are not zombies.
I see this as a species wide desire to be fed from the Divergent caste. The Divergent portion of humanity, was extracted, in an unwise act of efficient modeling, much like the film series suggests.
This occurred some time around 5-6 thousand years ago, culminating in the modern zombie visualization. A burning hunger, that hopefully will trigger the proper response. Due to the financial model, the only way to get there, is sustainability outside the societal fabric. Otherwise known as 'the box". Most of the people who think they are outside the box or are “awake”, are actually the four corners of the box.
I would say, we are officially , well into the time of the zombie. It is not a negative slight toward any person, but rather an overview of where the expression comes from.
Patterns and repetition , do have levels at which they would cause an overdose.