Has anyone thoroughly looked into this kind of reseach for potental AI/AGI hardware?

hi I’m by no means an expert in AI development but I came across this video while looking more and more into AI research and I wonder if this kind of research could lead into a AI/AGI hardware breakthrough this is the link to the video https://youtu.be/owe9cPEdm7k its titled the ai hardware problem posted by the channel New Mind it talks about the potential of older analog computer tech as a less power hungry way for machine learning type technology i was wondering if this type of tech has been explored further

hi again been searching more and more into the topic of AI and I stumbled upon this video https://youtu.be/19fjsk9blB4 this is a video titled Neuromorphic: BRAINLIKE Computers by the channel CoreTeks which i think elaborates on this idea a little more including potential solutions to the von neumann bottleneck and if you agree with my posts please help spread this information to the right people so that AGI can be beneficial to ALL of life not just the 1 percent of the 1 percent.

Update just found this video perhaps another solution for creating AGI hardware https://youtu.be/V2YDApNRK3g its titled Growing Human Neurons Connected to a Computer from the channel the thought emporium