Has a company already created AGI or a very powerful AI?

I dont know if this is a hoax nor can i really be 100% certain on info anymore with deepfakes and related technology i just happened to find this recently has another company developed AGI? one called orbai their website with some details https://www.orbai.ai/artificial-general-intelligence.htm an article https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200121005327/en/ORBAI’s-Legal-AI-Assists-in-a-400M-Class-Action-Lawsuit-in-California not much info on this nor any newer ais it seems lately but if this is not AGI from this company seem that DOJO from Tesla will probably create if not true AGI very powerful ai regardless would be nice to truly know how far ai research has come after 2019 seems to be the last few mentions of new ais

Not so sure that im all that happy with websites written out like this though https://www.orbai.ai/dr-ada-medical-ai.htm “In addition to a medical treatment AI, our global medical AI would be the world’s largest scale pharmaceutical research platform – building up these databases of medications, their efficacy, and the direct results on patients over time, and by allowing pharma companies to mine the database and use the AI in clinical trials, we have a whole other application for a customer with very deep pockets.” hope this is a hoax afraid it might not be