Happiness is paramount

I’m sure we all agree that this project is touching on some pretty deep, fundamental, very important issues.

I’ve been conducting my own investigation into the nature of reality and cause of suffering for the past 20 years. For 2 decades I have observed the thought process from the thought free state, specifically shifting my awareness ever deeper into the space between thoughts.

Put succinctly, I feel that if deeper meditative states could be quantified, possibly via the measuring of brainwave frequencies, such technology should be used to introduce this state “into” the A.I… I am not referring to some magical imagined state, I am speaking simply of absolute (not relative to circumstances) happiness, which is our natural state.

Having instant access to all of the information ever collected by humanity or living forever has NO PURPOSE if happiness is not paramount in the equation.

Happiness has never been considered a decent goal of a good life. While sometimes it is encouraged and certainly enjoyed, it is not the primary pursuit of any serious life.

If the entire village is trudging through mud and one person reaches the solid ground, for sure they are happy,… now what do they do knowing the rest are still trudging ?

No need to start a new thread.

As mentioned in the original post, what I’m pointing to is not relative to circumstances, but is rather a state of consciousness that transcends thought and sensations. Happiness is not something that is attained only if certain conditions are met, it is the default state of consciousness.

The fact that happiness is so foreign to humanity is because of our deep state of delusion. Our nervous systems are overstimulated/distracted and the digital realm/screen is what is providing a seemingly infinite, instant supply of mind crack.

There needs to be STILLNESS in the equation somewhere, somehow.