Greetings humans and robots

Hi there,

I’m new to AI and support SingularityNET’s (SNET) vision to be the decentralized AI marketplace. I’ve looked at other AI start-ups based on blockchain technology like, deepbrainchain, endor etc and I believe SNET has the best vision. SNET has a huge goal and covers a broad range of applications so I hope to find my niche somewhere in there. I’m learning to be a developer, currently I’m learning new codes (Go) and distributed ledger technologies (hyperledger fabric and corda). In the meantime I’m also exploring SNET’s alpha on the kovan testnet and trying out the APIs there. I also invested in the SingularityNET ICO and have been holding ever since though was was quite tempting to sell at $2 :blush: :slight_smile: but I didn’t and here we are and hoping for widespread adoption of SNET in the future.

On a different note, I have degrees in mechanical engineering and offshore/dredging engineering so enjoy technical stuff!



Welcome to the community Daniel, don’t fret yourself over not selling at $2 - I’ve seen countless people take profit and miss out on greater moves. I considered missing out on the potential of AGI too great a risk to sell that early.

Hi Daniel! Welcome to the forum :D. It is great to have you here, and it is also nice to learn that you are currently learning to be a developer. We actually have an #education category which I would really encourage you to play a role in. You could share and exchange things you have learned on your journey to becoming a developer, and perhaps also find others to study together. Have fun!