Is gravity faster than the speed of light?

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Gravity (acceleration) and the speed of light (velocity) are measured using two different units of measurement for example KPH (velocity) and m/s^2 (acceleration). This is akin to asking how fast is a meter.

The answer is that there’s no answer.


thank you! :crazy_face:

so it COULD be faster than the speed of light…even if there is no question. I’m curious only because the speed of light cannot escape a black hole, so potentially gravity could be faster than the speed of light…OR the singularity is faster than the speed of light :thinking: (also, I’m not a scientist nor do I have any scientist friends other than Google…this I just me getting to be a kid again and ask way too many questions)

LOL…ok…well…that kind of turns into another question:

Can a black hole pull light into it so that light is travelling faster than the speed of light? How would that even be tested?

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great question! and yeah, how would one even test that? You would think if we could build the Hardon Collider we could do a black hole test…but that could also result in creating a black hole itself…maybe we’ve already been sucked into a black hole and it just happened so fast we had no idea…ooooh the possibilities

Maybe those guys have a blog

So I guess according to the theory of relativity, if we consider gravity in terms of being a wave, then the wave is travelling at the speed of light in a vacuum. Which has been tested by looking at star locations around the sun during an eclipse.

Coincidentally though, I’ve never had the job of “scientist” either and I don’t know what supposedly happens in a black hole. Only ppl way smarter than me have that job title.

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