Good features of the website

Here I will write all features that I like in this website to provide not only change requests and bugs but also more positive feedback.The list will be continuously extended with time. List of features that I like:

  1. Badges as I have already mentioned in one of my topics

  2. Sections “FAQ” and “Keyboard shortcuts”

  3. Possibility of messages editing

  4. Possibility of adding posts in bookmarks

  5. Possibility to download my posts

  6. System search of similar topics when you create the new one. As I understand this feature uses the search of matches by the key words in the name of new topic and existing ones.

  7. Possibility to change the username. Once I have set not the optimal username and wanted to change it but the application had the restrictions about it. I thought that it’s really annoying that the application creators decide instead of me what can I do with my username. Giving to users harmless freedom of actions is always good.

  8. Section “Preferences” for possibility of flexible profile configuration, thanks. See the previous point :sweat_smile:

  9. Possibility to move messages from Inbox to Archive and vice versa

  10. New useful panel in the header of the website which make the whole website look fresher, brighter and also more accurate

  11. “Contact” option in the panel in header of the website with the function of mail client calling

  12. Special sign for the members of SNET team in the right corner of their user profile picture

  13. Special sign for the volunteers of SNET team in the right corner of their user profile picture

  14. Possibility to fill “About me” section in user profile

  15. Email notifications about the events on the websites (replies on your messages and so on)

  16. Flexible configuration of these email notifications

  17. Interesting information in the “Summary” section of personal info such as “STATS”, “TOP REPLIES”, “TOP TOPICS” and so on

  18. The counter in the right upper corner of the links mentioned in posts which allow to know how many clicks on these links (navigations through them) have been done


Thank you so much for this! It is also very good to learn what works well and what features are especially important.

Re: point 7… I have to say it is only possible in the first 3 days after registration. Afterwards it is not possible. We want to avoid people continuously changing usernames and confuse other users about their identity on the forum :blush:.