Given the accelerating technological change, how should we best train our children for the future of work?


Children entering the education system today will enter a world of work where many of the jobs that exist now will have become obsolete.

AI, automation, natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition and highspeed always-on internet connections mean that the entire knowledge of humanity with us at all times, all we need do is ask any question and we have the answer.

The purpose of an education system is to fully prepare a student for the realities of the world, but advancements like these will mean the world of work and indeed the world itself will be a very different place than the current education system could have prepared them for.

Therefore we ask how should we best train our children for the future of work?

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If we want to prepare our children for the future of work, we should teach them the importance of being citizens of planet Earth.

Equipped with the emerging synergy between human and machine intelligence, which we could call TheMind, we will best be able to govern ourselves as a global direct democracy or liquid democracy.

What are the rules we need to observe with eight billion of us on the planet, and including how to stop pushing other species into extinction?

That is our job now for all of us. If we do our job well, all of humanity might be able to rise to a higher standard of living than has been possible for anyone who lived before now.


I think in the future social skills via remote communication become very important.
You will be able to say or do many things without being directly punished for it - it will just hurt your reputation. So a strong value system is something I would like to teach my children in the future. So they try to understand other people, listen and are no jerks.
This will help them in the new decentralized, asynchron future we are approaching.