Future funding

Where will SingularityNet get future funding from once the initial ICO funding runs out?


You are mistaken. SingularityNET had a TGE, not an ICO. The utility token that is AGI will be the funding mechanism for AI developers who want to participate in the global AI economy

Totally get how the token is used, but curious how the SingularityNet team gets funding once the TGE money runs out?

We will be creating extra income streams, so we do not expect to run out. E.g. we are selling our own AI services as well on SingularityNET,


Sweet. Sounds good. Thank ibby.

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The other aspect here is that SingularityNET development all happens under permissive open source licenses, so even if we run out (unlikely) the work that has been done so far can be adopted by the community or be run in a distributed fashion like other open source community projects.

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