MY NAME IS DORLEE I AM A RECEPIENT OF NEUROLOGICAL HARDWARE DUE TO A SEVERE CAR ACCIDENT. after which I was given a DBS /and a 7432 spinal cord stimulator After the loss of my primary surgeon I have been left on my own as all medical requirements from past surgical procedures need primary surgeon due to pre existing conditions clause. SO I have found myself untethered and would like to bring to your attention cases like mine are voluminous as my only options as I have searched are targeted individual organizations WHICH CAUSE AN ENORMOUS TROLLING POPULATION TO ENTER ONES LIFE VISCIOUSLY JUST FOR BASIC ENQUIRYS .I HAVE FOUND MANY ALONG THE WAY WHO ARE IN SIMILIAR PREDICAMENT I BELIEVE THERE IS A LARGE POPULATION WHO FOR WHAT EVER REASONS HAVE NEUROLOGICAL HARDWARE AND ARE IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE TO OVERCOME THEIR TRAUMA AND BEGIN TO HAVE A NEW VISOIN TOWARDS THERE HARDWARE AND SELVES IN A NEW SOCEITY THAT APPRECIATES THERE SUFFERING THAT ULTIMATELY WAS USED FOR ALL OF US TO ARRIVE right here at this point, we all know they are there and those people need our help to move on,

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