Feature Request



I don’t have a laptop or a desktop computer, I am poor and barely have any money, but my electric bill is FIXED and will not change no matter how much electricity I am using, the only 2 computing devices I have is a cheap smartphone with an outdated Snapdragon processor and a rather powerful Xbox One X that has 6 TeraFLOPS of computing power.

I really want to contribute my Xbox One X’s computing power to the SingularityNET whenever I am not using it, I am willing to run my Xbox One X for the SingularityNET for many hours every day to contribute to human-level AGI, and I’m sure that many many other people will want to contribute with their Xboxs and PlayStations as well!

I will run it on my smartphone 24/7 as well even when it is not plugged in, that’s not a problem at all because I have a 20,000 mAh power bank that I carry around with me everywhere I go and I have an unlimited 4G data plan! I am ASKING you fellow Singularitarians at the SingularityNET team to PLEASE develop an application for the Xbox App Store so that my powerful Xbox One X can contribute its computational resources to the SingularityNET!

Please don’t leave out any type of device or operating system, please allow EVERYONE no matter what kind of device they have to contribute computing power! I hope that the SingularityNET as a whole very quickly grows beyond [EDITED - Please refrain from profanity - Tim Richmond] YottaFLOPS!!! Thank you very much!


Grid computing is an interesting subject, but as of this moment not a service that we offer. Though there are plenty of other great causes that you can donate your CPU cycles to.

Have a look at this