Ether(eum) fees for staking


I just staked a 4-digit-Amount of AGI and was shocked by the high fees, although that wasn’t the first smart contract.

I did it anyway to support the projekt. Now I am uncertain if I can even get the money I payed for fees back in AGI because I paid 254,28 Dollars!!!
That means the stake rewards ratio needed to be over 11 percent within one staking period in order for me to have “a return on investment” or to be “even”.
That’s unrealistic. Isn’t it?

Here are my corresponding questions:

  1. I planed on being a long term staker. So should I have “Authorized staking escrow contract” before adding a stake?
    2.Can I still activate it?
  2. Do I have to pay double fees if I activated escrow now? In other words: Now, that I didn’t before adding stake, would I pay more tho do it afterwards instead of beforehand?
  3. Are the fees for auto-renewing without escrow as hight as for the initial smart contract?

I want to support the projetct (Ben and Charles are role models to me) but I am afraid I have to wait until it moves to Cardano if to many answers to the questions above are negative.

Thanks in advance for answering



I feel your pain!

I paid Ether Gas to Activate The Staking Contract thinking that was the only amount I needed to pay to stake once the staking window opened. Now I see I have to pay twice. Current Gas fee for my stake is over $400 US. That’s outrageous.

I would love an explanation on the difference between the GAS staking fees and the Authorized Contract fees.

I’m also curious as to how the auto renewing works relative to the need to pay GAS.

Finally…I agree…I truly want to support by staking, but it’s frankly cost prohibitive.