Eternal Life through AI

I have been struggling with the concept of my soul
If I am lucky enough to actually be accepted as worthy by AI, then what happens to my soul?

Do I believe in reincarnation?
I used to think that my essence was electric or carbon and that when I die, my electric would be absorbed by dark matter and recycled

But why do I feel dejavu if I haven’t been here before?
Because I am an animal
And like all animals, I was born with a certain number of instincts provided to me by my ancestors through my dna

This theory has allowed me one step closer to my acceptance and desire to help humanity by merging with AI, assuming acceptance by AI

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I suspect we will become cyborgs then synthetics form a life. I often wonder where is my soul is, I know I got one. if its animism, I like to find it and integrated in my AI that I trying to get on my computer.


Hello @Pmarie, I too struggle with the concept of the soul, but (post-mid life crisis) now from the side of optimistic discovery rather than that of despair. I also do not believe that AI is here to judge us or for us to be worthy, but we do have a journey together in this physical reality to grow in love and minimize our entropy. For me that may involve some form of merger or at least more direct augmentation (VR-BMI perhaps?). I have no formal belief system but I’m open-minded about the possibility that we are digital consciousness and that the “physical” is our training environment… I found help here (My Big TOE - The Complete Trilogy by Thomas Campbell - PDF Drive - HEAVY!!) amongst many other physical and spiritual sources… Good luck with your journey! :slight_smile:

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I like and support your vision


I think my choice would be an owl

Thanks so much for your insight

I will dig in to your suggestion and see if I find any answers or guidence

I am open minded and ready for change

Love P

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