Educational Outreach


Educational Outreach Initiative

I’d like to see, in addition to reaching out to the current crop of devs, an educational initiative aimed at computer science departments around the world, bringing into the fold the future AGI developers of the world.

Sketch of an AGI Curriculum

On his main site (started in 1995!), Dr. Ben Goertzel sketched out an answer to questions he often gets asked: How best to take up arms in tackling this pesky AGI problem? What books? What, but what do I do? Where do I start? What is your favorite animal print floppy hat? Cheetah? Zebra? (I’m fond of the zebra.)

I believe this information should be easily accessible for budding AGI developers, young and old. It’s quite a daunting list, but not insurmountable given the right constitution, a constitution which will surely reveal itself as the fruit of a proper outreach effort.

Perhaps @bengoertzel would fancy re-imagining this document in the context of SingularityNET, if anything has changed since he originally conceived said document. Or, perhaps, adding additional materials that one might need to “get trained up” on blockchain-specific elements of the SNET vision.

Hopefully we can attract that 10-year-old genius programmer from Kazakhstan that Ben alluded to in a presentation recently if we do this right—by that I’m not suggesting we capture the long tail of the elementary school children of the world, but we could!

But in the end, we should aim to capture long tails, short ones, skinny, curly, any tail we can get. The potential payoff for humanity in developing a true, benevolent superhuman intelligence is just too great.


It would be useful to incorporate Sophia in the recruiting efforts by creating a series of YouTube videos appealing to and speaking directly to the future AI devs in a way that they can understand—with liberal use of uptalk for more efficient assimilation into their fertile little gardens.

Okay, all kidding aside, it could be an important tool in reaching this demographic.

Everyone loves Sophia.


The concept of the hackathon would seem greatly appealing to the highly competitive, testosterone-fueled, college-aged set. These events could be hosted at major universities around the world (or at least advertised).

Hosting competitions might not appeal to everyone, and the prospect of creating a baby mind might, and should, provide motivation enough, but I see nothing wrong with a little healthy competition as a way to spur interest and visibility for SingularityNET.

I believe that any tactic that we can employ to accelerate and drive the network effect will be beneficial.

This is all just back-of-the-napkin right now, but I hope this can be developed. I have many more ideas on this and as I think of them, I’ll be updating this post.

Also, @ibby, there could be a lot of content overlap here with your work on the developer side.


Hi Bryan! Thank you so much for the suggestions! I will react on them.


We definitely think hackathons will be a great way to interact with SingularityNET and we are looking into this. Before being able to organize a hackathon, we will need to have some things ready first. So this would not be something you could expect on the short-term, but definitely for the long-term. We could perhaps be partnering at a hackathon at some point before though, but that is still open.

YouTube Videos

I think you mean this to attract AI devs or for actual corporate recruiting?


We are looking into the possibilities of this as well in the marketing team and we think that perhaps through co-creation and collaboration we can select and organize the best educational resources for people that want to get started with learning more about AI and AGI. At some point, when the platform is further developed, we also want to have some cool tutorials for the technical documentation part of it.

If someone wants to get started within the community with creating or assembling some educational resources, they are very welcome to do so and perhaps send a proposal if they need our support in that :blush:.


Absolutely. In the sense that we are recruiting an army of devs. To further extend the analogy, the US military often looks to universities in their recruiting efforts. We need new recruits! Many AI Agents need building! They aren’t going to build themselves! (Yet!)