DuckLingo generated its own data,

It’s not exactly master poetry, but I thought it was a fun experiment. I haven’t quite gotten the line breaks down in the software yet, so it’s motly a novelty. But similarly to my own style, it breaks traditional form somewhat while also obeying it incertain ways. In this case, it generates a poem as a data point, so you don’t have to look for poetry to use as dummy data:

With your hand, it's our climate,
And us all pummelled in the ***.

Sea thickened
Sky clouds blowing softly Hissing in the bank.
Turn over that sentimentality,
Turn away from your anxieties.

When you open, there in the sky.
Between the caves of Northern Michigan,
Or the flight of waves along Carolinian shores.

Instead is only mine.
When we live in Nice.
And was less than eighteen,
When she committed her crime.

Instead is only mine.
And when me and my la fille from Nice.
If we weren't in a band.
And maybe you ll ever find your way,
Or if it's private prisons,
You should have been more obvious.

Though I’m mostly using it as a language learning application. Now with paypal integration, I might see about eventually hooking it up to singnet, but I might end up needing help with that.

( The operating system is OK, but it’s a toaster computer. )