Does Smart City need Smart Community?

That is a question - whether Smart City is just about decentralised network of intelligent devices or it is also about community of intelligent people deriving social decentralised consensus wit help of Reputation System like this:
What do you think?

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I think the necessary amount of intelligence required of us would be the ability to utilize those intelligent devices. Anything more than that would be a bonus but not required. The more we have smart devices, the more we have come to relieve ourselves from certain intellectual challenges. I don’t like the idea of a people lead smart city.

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I do think a smart city requires a smart community. However, I also think several components that will eventually be added to any reputation system are , as of yet, undiscovered or not utilized. We are rising out of a state of disorder, so we are like the new plant struggling to break through the surface.
If the value system is to promote and encourage the development of the species, then the driver will eventually switch from device assisted connectivity, to no device necessary.
Aside from efficiency and safety, I see tools like reputation systems and organic democracies as stepping stones which will actually facilitate the development of the human consciousness. The ability to act and observe consequences in real time, will bring new intellectual challenges, or actually in my view, a return of the pursuit of natural connectivity.
There is a consensus that as a species, we have been through a population explosion and an industrial revolution simultaneously. This has left us disconnected. Thus, our current ambitions to connect through mechanical devices is thoroughly welcomed, and actually provides a taste of what things would be like in a telepathic capable society. It will encourage intangible pursuits.
So, my opinion is, don’t worry about the mess, as the process should be messy and disturbing.
The surrealist scoffs at the portrait artist, and the portrait artist thinks the surrealist insane.
A holistic interface, will promote and encourage the desire to participate and connect with everything. That is something we lost, and will regain. The origins and cyclical nature of ideas.


Would you like smart robots to lead smart city instead of the people who are not that smart? :wink:

David, thank you for the deep thoughts!

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