Does Alpha work?

tryed to buy job for test AGI, but job process has been stacked on “waiting on API response” after selecting image. Does Alpha work and there are problems on my side? Has anybody already bought job on Alpha?

@Joel - this is probably regarding the face services which were supposed to load as a bundle with the snet-CLI instead of separately right?

I have not had a chance to try the snet-cli yet.

When using the alpha website/dapp, it will currently only work with the “Alpha TensorFlow Agent” service that does object detection.

You can report issues with the alpha service here: GitHub - singnet/sample-tensorflow-service: Simple image classification service for use SingularityNET daemon

I experienced the “Alpha TensorFlow Agent” being stuck at “waiting on API response” too, but at the time was just trying to get my face-service agents running, so haven’t reported it yet.

Do we have any understanding on what the front end interface will look like or is this yet to be decided?

Obviously consumers won’t like dealing with command line, it needs to be as simple and as straight forward as possible right?

This is the current “dapp” which I think OP is probably trying to use: - this is just for demo purposes but should evolve over time.

While “consumers” won’t like dealing with the command line, the network is devoted to services… so the power comes from integrating them, as such I think we should be targetting developers and ML researchers first. Initially we need to provide the tools so that our internal AI team, and external collaborators, can easily get things deployed. Having a nice front end won’t mean much if we don’t have the network populated with lots of useful services people want to use!

I also spent a lot of time using web UIs (MyEtherWallet, setting up MetaMask etc) to register a service before the CLI existed. Coming from a career where I’ve done a lot of backend development, this was painful manually. I want to be able to fill in a config file, run a command, and be done! UI interaction makes it hard to reproduce or automate.

Having said that, there are plans for a platform that simplifies and manages service deployment and blockchain registration, and also for a browsable directory of services including reputation and rating systems.

In addition, because the plan is for SNet to be an open platform, other people can build platform-native GUIs or web UIs as they see fit… if whatever we build doesn’t suit their needs.

But hopefully when we get to that stage there’ll be several iterations where the community can give feedback and make feature requests! :slight_smile:


Thank you for this insight :+1:

And yes absolutely I agree the target market is businesses that intend to use the services to integrate into their own offerings.

I like the idea that something will have a tag line ‘Powered by SingularityNET’


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