Desaster with SingularityDAO sale on Mantradao

It is more than disappointing what happened with the SingularityDao offering via Mantradao

  • using the Etherium network was not a good choice with all the problems occuring
  • the info that only WETH would work was given just before the opening
  • this was generating additional costs for the participants
  • the offering rates were different, not reflecting the same price for all tokens used
  • joining a pool was costing money/eth, but did not guarantee to join a pool
  • people had to sit on their computers trying to get a chance, most of them without succes, me too
  • you better do an AI lottery the next time

If you would have chosen Cardstarter, there would have been a fixed guarantied amount for participation with no hassle and linked to Cardano as well.

Talking about community support and mistreating the community is not understandable.
I am deeply disappointed and cannot understand, why people working on AI are not able to foresee and solve problems like the ones occured.

Do you intend to set up a similar desaster on the SingularityDAO airdrop?
Why do you want to feed the ETH network and draining the supporting community the same time?
Why don’t you wait until everything is set up properly on Cardano?

Looking forward to a change



Just one fact: It took more than 2 (two) HOURS to serve 210 (yes, 210 only) participants in the wETH pool! I am a crypto newbie, but this is unbelievable. Roughly 36 seconds per transaction!
Desperately waiting for Cardano…

I agree - Why didn’t you wait until everything is set up properly on Cardano?
I think many like myself have looked into singularity following news of the converter, only to be disappointed to find out this is not a viable investment due to poor accessibility.