Democratic World Republic Decentralized Autonomous Organization


There should be a future world without nations …


United Nations?


The UN is a totally ineffectual, unrepresentative organization. We need something far more democratic, liberal & responsive. Malta gets the same vote as China which is absurd. The consensus process at the Security Council is ungangley & underepresentative. The world order as it now exists is an illiberal neoliberal imperialist & extremely violent & dangerous mess. 200 competing sovereignties is no way to share our common interests in our common humanity. Let’s take a giant leap into a new alternative that can support the the future evolution of a transhumance singularity that is truly democratic in every detail. Now!


A little more cooperation would help. We are developing a market place to facilitate that…


We can’t forget that good intention as ours can be used for the richest people or industries to create a private and closed market where they create an antagonistic felling that could increase the fear of people in AI.
If we could create a system from something that’s now underestimated and give to this the opportunity to raise up, than we create a positive confidence in people.
I call it system, but it could be anything, a country, a person anything that could be helped now.