Delisted and now gone from the exchange, how can this be?


Bought AGI at ICO and then some.

Parked them att Bitfinex.

They delisted the AGI, I never got any information about that. They sent email but I never saw it.

No they tell me the tokens are gone?

How can this be, how can they be gone, there should be a wallet address right?

I just can’t get how they can be allowed by law to do anything like this. I also feel that the Singularity Team should know about it and perhaps have a talk with them?

Also I am hoping someone can help me recover my funds?

How can Bitfinex just be allowed to steal my AGI:s like this?


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I agree with you. That is absolutely astonishing. Maybe look up under what jurisdiction Bitfinex operates?

I just read the wikipedia article of the whole debacle of Bitfinex, what a gong show! :open_mouth:

Their associate ‘banks’ are no better:

I am sorry to say but I doubt you’ll be able to recover anything. . . their whole structure seems more pyramid scheme than legit company. . .

As always, caveat emptor, buyer beware :frowning_face: