DEEP Funding brainstorming

There are a lot of non-ai inventions with the potential to bring significant change to society. Non-ai in the sense that in order to operate they don’t require anything that one might be tempted to label as AI per se, but some of them could fit into AI projects. In the circles where I hang out these are usually called “breakthrough technologies”. There is an inventor I know well, let’s call him Mr. L, with a few of these “breakthrough technologies” in his toolshed, but he is also a very difficult person, who would rather have his inventions vanish into obscurity without a trace than make them available to humankind which he sees as simply undeserving of his intellectual and moral superiority. Mr L invented a novel and supposedly superior BCI tech, but if one calls his invention that he’ll come down on that person like a ton of bricks, because obviously his invention is much more than that and certainly beyond any idiots’ understanding… Mr L is like that, very difficult, but people say his inventions are real, and those people already hear kaching sounds. There are some solid indications that Mr L would appreciate certain aspects of Ben’s work and I am trying to contact Ben and discuss that angle. It seems very plausible that Ben could help bring “breakthrough technologies” to the world in unexpected ways.

I agree we should strengthen/improve all the basic AI services (image/video detection, language detection/translation, text-to speech, chatbots, etc.) but the advantage SNet has is we have advanced, niche-specific algorithms while as Amazon, Google and the like have algorithms that are specifically tailored to marketing/increasing traffic to webpages, making sales etc.

SingularityNet/DAO-SophiaDAO needs a DIGITAL DNA (digital genetic-epigenetic code) to improve its functioning and become an optimal blockchain platform for the “social blockchain design” of the digital economy! (feedback for

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constitutes the self-reprogrammable-adaptive operating system of biological living organisms (biological operating system),
which together with the biological brain / biological intelligence enable its complete-correct-suitable systemic functioning
and synergistic relationship with the surrounding natural-artificial environment,
also biological and non-biological artificial living organisms-systems (robots, AI software,
internet-web, digital-physical ecosystems such as smart city 4.0, industrial ecosystems 4.0, vertical farm 4.0, etc., or the set of all these systems that we define “TECHNIUM”)
NEED a self-reprogrammable-adaptive operating system consisting of a DIGITAL ARTIFICIAL DNA (DIGITAL ARTIFICIAL GENETIC-EPIGENETIC CODE)
which together with the artificial brain / artificial intelligence enable its complete-correct-suitable systemic functioning
and synergistic relationship with the surrounding natural-artificial environment.

TECHNIUM DESIGN: orientation dialogue between citizens and the digital ecosystem

All the Governments of the Planet Earth have initiated the technological-digital-ecological transition of the Public Administration and the economy through artificial intelligence and blockchains, reconfiguring the organizational-functional processes in a 4.0 perspective (digitization, automation, systemic-synergic interconnection) in order to solve the serious planetary problems that threaten the existence and well-being of all humans, the natural environment and the cultural-technological-scientific progress achieved.

The technological-digital transition manifests itself in phenomena such as: industry-business 4.0, smart city 4.0, smart agriculture 4.0, smart health 4.0, smart home 4.0, etc.

We define all these phenomena as a whole with the term “digital ecosystem” or “Technium”.

This digital ecosystem requires a complex artificial intelligence that adequately and quickly manages the articulated and interconnected organizational-functional processes of cities, industries, companies, hospitals, vehicles, homes, machinery, infrastructures, digital services of the Public Administration, etc., and of a set of adaptive instructions that guide artificial intelligence in the most suitable direction to favor the improvement of the life of all people and the planetary natural environment, or rather a sort of “DIGITAL DNA”.

How citizens can make their own intellectual-creative contribution or communicate their needs to the Technium in order to improve it-adapt it to the needs of all people and the natural environment, collaboratively building this “digital DNA” that instructs the Technium and allows it to develop the ability to adapt and evolve in a harmonious, synergistic and balanced way according to the well-being of all people, the natural environment and cultural-technological-scientific progress?


The blockchain services infrastructure is one of the cornerstones of the current technological transition in the strategic agenda, for economic recovery and the exit from the pandemic crisis from Covid-19 and from the environmental-social crisis, of all governments in the world.

In Europe this infrastructure is called “EBSI”, or “European Blockchain Services Infrastructure”.

All citizens can collaborate to develop DIGITAL DNA in EBSI through “social tokenization”, that is the development of Tokens representing the contributions of each individual person to the improvement of the Technium, its optimal functioning, the resolution of social problems , economic, environmental, scientific, technological, and communicating their own problems-needs so that artificial intelligence can organize the Technium in order to solve-satisfy them.

In order to meet the needs of all citizens, many blockchain platforms are emerging that allow the development of tokens, directing them towards the collective social construction of DIGITAL DNA.

The “Technium Design” initiative is one of the solutions proposed as part of the petition 0207/2021 presented to the European Parliament: Reducing technological, IT, digital and ecological illiteracy to safeguard the rights of all people

@Physix it is a valuable project: what do you think of applying it to a manufacturing supply chain?

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Hi, I am not sure this would work but can we merge the deep funding also with RFAI? It can work both ways.

  1. Interesting requests on RFAI from potential users that would be, after a community vote, also co-funded from the deep funding pool to make it happen?

  2. Trying to actively find potential users for an AI that would be chosen by the community and funded from the deep funding. These potential users would be interested enough to help with the funding.

For example: in the community vote we will choose to fund an AI extremely useful for Sophia the Receptionist. We will set very high standards that the AI has to have for devs to receive the pool (so that the AI we will have in the marketplace is really world top AI). Then all organizations that would be interested could help co-fund it. In theory, it could be thousands and thousands of organizations, and if everyone sent just a little, the total pool could be really big enough to attract developers that would deliver top-quality AI.